Transition of Cross in 170 Years
In 1846, Cross was founded by the Richard Cross family in Providence, Rhode Island. 
In 2016, Cross celebrated its 170th Anniversary as America's oldest writing instrument manufacturer. Let us introduce the history of Cross and the evolution of its brand and products, writing instruments sold in 140 countries around the world today.
Cross Founded
When Cross was founded, it was a company manufacturing gold and silver castings of wooden pencils. 
In the following years, Alonzo Townsend Cross, the eldest son of the founder, 
revolutionized writing instruments with his numerous inventions.
Shown above are the early Cross telescopic pencils manufactured between 1865 and 1900. 
By utilizing the structure of a telescope, an easy-to-use writing instrument was created, in which the body could be freely extended and retracted.
Shown above are "stylographic pens" manufactured between 1876 and 1900. 
They were the forerunners of present-day ball-point pens. At the same time, Alonzo developed the "crayon holder", a prototype of modern mechanical pencils, building the foundation for popular writing instruments used today.
In 1889, the first Cross fountain pen "Peerless" was released. 
It was called "Peerless" because it had no peers to match. There was no other product that matched its quality, achieved by superior technology and exquisite design. "Peerless" was much appreciated in the U. S. at a time when typewriters were not widely used, and became a classic of writing instruments.
Innovation of Design
In the 1900s, colorful and glamorous writing instruments that one can use as fashion accessories were released.
Shown above are the pencils of the "Alwrite" collection. 
The collection provided customers the joy of choosing from a variety of colorful and beautiful bodies.
Shown above are the fountain pens and pencils of the "Signet" collection. 
They would be the forerunner to the Cross flagship "Century". Featuring an exquisite design like the "Alwrite" collection, this collection contributed to the creation of the decorative qualities so desired for modern luxury writing instruments.
Birth of the "Century" Collection
In 1946, the "Century" model, named for the 100th Anniversary of Cross, 
was released, at first providing pencils, the product that Cross excels in.
After the release of pencils in 1946, the "Century Ballpoint Pen" was released in 1953. This model is still in the market today with an identical design after a half century. Many people would think of Cross' "Century" when they thought about imported writing instruments.
.Elegant Form

"Century" features an elegant slim body. The thickness of the body is 7. 5mm, which is equivalent to the diameter of commonly used pencils. This goes back to the origin of Cross, when it was manufacturing castings of wooden pencils at its foundation. There is no band connecting parts in the middle of the body, which creates a flat surface and makes the body look slim. This requires advanced metal workmanship and is indicative of Cross technology.
.Conical Top

Another feature of "Century" is the conical top (conical cap). This has been continued through to the present models and is an iconic detail of Cross. The black part of the conical top of "Century" can suggest, some say, the status of the owner because a narrowing conical top is indicative of high-quality finish. The position of the clip is set lower so that the conical top can be seen from the chest pocket of a jacket. 
The image shows the finish of modern models. Since the beginning, the collection was available in materials that are used for jewelries, such as 10K gold-plated, 12K gold-plated, 14K gold-plated and sterling silver.
.Most Popular Writing Instruments for Gifts

100 million units of the "Century" series have been sold in the last 70 years; it is said that they are the most popular writing instruments selected as gifts throughout the world. 
The image shows an early gift package.
Collections FollowingAll-Time-Favorite "Century"
.1993 "Townsend"

It is a collection named after the eldest son of the founder, Alonzo Townsend Cross, who played an active role as an inventor in his time. Featuring an elegant Art Deco, thick-diameter body with a double band and a moderately solid and prestigious profile, the Townsend is suitable for use by businessmen. Today, it is also known as the pen chosen by the President of the United States.
.1996 "Century II"

This collection is a successor to the "Classic Century". Having inherited the design of "Classic Century", this collection features a slightly thicker-diameter body and a single band. Featuring an elegant look with a modern design, the Century II can be used by both men and women with its medium-thickness body realized through well-balanced size and weight.
.2014 "Peerless 125"

"Peerless 125" was created as the luxury collection commemorating the 125th anniversary of the release of the first Cross fountain pen "Peerless". Its luxurious presence and classy look are products of its exquisite workmanship and exemplify the history and technology of Cross. It is indeed a "Peerless" collection.
Limited CollectionCelebrating 170th Anniversary
.21st Century 
Limited Edition

A special Century collection was released to commemorate the 170th Anniversary of Cross and the 70th Anniversary of the release of "Century". The world's first 21K solid-gold finish, with a diamond-embellished conical top
.Classic Century 
170th Anniversary Gift Set

A limited edition gift set commemorating the 170th Anniversary of Cross and the 70th Anniversary of the release of "Century". It is a collection that is perfect for a gift including a special Century Ballpoint Pen engraved with "170th Anniversary", a leather pen pouch with Cross logo and a luxury box.